Renegade Tattoo Studio has been one of the striking colours on the Hungarian tattoo palette since 1995. The spirit of our studio is like a time machine which takes you from today’s rushing world to America’s 50s.

The tattoo artists who have been working here since its establishment – Medve, Balázs Psycho, Ádám Molnár (Painbrush) and many other talented tattooers – have contributed a lot to the studio’s uniquely classical, pleasant atmosphere, and thanks to them our studio has become one of the most frequented places of the capital among the “body decorators”. Ever since we started our operation, each and every layer of society has been subjected to our needlework.

Our tattoo artists: Sándor Huszár, Bence Ignácz, Alexandra Bálint-Gudmon, Balázs Szabó, Zsombor Lőrincz, Győri Bertalan, Marosvölgyi Luca and our kind piercer Windischmann Lili enhance the reputation of the salon.

Often, Harleys and American cars stop outside the store, while inside the ”Rebellious without a Cause” spirit of James Dean is fighting with Wild One’s Marlon Brando. You can wear Betty Page’s or Marilyn Monroe’s flirty smile on your skin. Meanwhile, Sonny Barger brings his past to the present with his big red machine.

“Make the world more beautiful, get tattooed!”

We are waiting for you with lots of love!